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Sweet & Sassy Dessert Love Bernard’s Gourmet Salsa

Sweet & Sassy Dessert Love Bernard’s Gourmet Salsa

Need a workday, weeknight, special occasion dessert? May I share my sweet and sassy secret? I love to elevate quick and easy desserts by adding our gourmet roasted salsa to the mix. 


I said, add our salsa to your favorite dessert mix! 

The truth is, whether your dessert is homemade from scratch, or comes from your favorite box, adding Bernard’s Gourmet Salsa to the mix is a recipe hack worth trying! I really think it will be love at first bite, what with the sweet caress and sassy kiss your taste buds won’t soon forget! 

Honestly, cross my heart, Dessert LOVES Bernard’s Gourmet Salsa! May I introduce you to a couple of my sweet and sassy faves? Please enjoy!

Chocolate Chipotle Brownies

Mango Pineapple Habanero Cheesecake
PC: Kim Hughes

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