August 14, 2020


Easing Back Into The School Year

For many of us, this week marked a return to school. At our house, David and I hosted our sweet granddaughters’ first week of preschool. We’re calling it our Mighty Girl Academy – Where Mighty Girls discover their super powers! Long story short, a great time was had by all. We had a blast naming shapes, sorting shapes and even ‘cooking’ with shapes. After a full day of indoor and outdoor play, dance parties with MiMi, and kitchen time with GrandDaddy, David and I discovered our super powers include, but are not limited to, the ability to fall into a deep slumbering nap within minutes of the Mighty Girls flying home to their Mommy and Daddy!



I am so glad we decided to pull out our slow-cooker and David’s Chipotle Cooking Salsa this week. It truly did all the heavy lifting. Along with a little help from our friend Alyce Nicole, we were a little better able to ease into our new back to school routine. We are truly grateful.

We are also grateful for all the ways our friends do the heavy lifting in and around our community. We have a sweet neighbor, Helen, a childcare owner/operator, and executive director of the BabyBooties Diaper Bank. Each week, Helen and her army of volunteers spend their time, talent and treasure making this world and better place to be for so many families. This week, her organization received well deserved recognition from Huggies and Scary Mommy who intend to shine a light on the awesome work BBDB does in our community. Well done, Helen and BBDB!

We continue to be thankful for all the wonderful ways H-E-B leads the way as #TexansHelpingTexans. We can continue to help them reach their #SummerOfGiving Goal to gift $2 million dollars to FeedingTexas every time we purchase H-E-B Brand Products. We’re also extremely thankful to each of you who purchase our Bernard’s Gourmet Salsas at H-E-B grocery stores. When you do so, we are able to donate 50 cents of your purchase to the Central Texas Food Bank, the Houston Food Bank, and the San Antonio Food Bank.

Finally, for all the ways you have nourished us this week, or allowed us to nourish you, thank you! We truly do appreciate you and wish you and yours a wonderful weekend! Carpe Diem Y’all! Michele 🙂

Cooking is Like Love: Enter It With Abandon, Or Not At All

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