Bernards Gourmet Foods | Our Story
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Our Story

Our story begins with David Bernard’s passion for great tasting food. As a young man working in the power industry, David made his first batch of salsa as a work break snack. Soon, coworkers wanted a bite, so, he would take break early in order to make enough salsa for all to enjoy.

Over the years, as David’s corporate responsibilities increased, so did his love for gourmet cooking. Salsa breaks grew to include team building dinners, appreciation luncheons, and company celebrations. Culinary offerings expanded to include mouth-watering cuisine influenced 

by David’s Lone Star and Louisiana Bayou roots, not to mention his culinary travels throughout the Southwest.His original salsa recipe soon grew to include an award-winning line of all-natural gourmet roasted salsas, hot sauces and condiments. Soon, demand exceeded David’s ability to accommodate on a part-time basis the overwhelming demands for his specialty foods. In 2012, leaving corporate America early, David Bernard now devotes 100% of his time to creating mouth-watering Bernard’s Gourmet Foods for all to enjoy.